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Wave is a high capacity external recycling product designed for modern locations. Its contemporary design offers a 200 litre capacity for locations where it may be impractical to empty lower volume products due to the footfall surrounding it economising on the cost of emptying the product.

Manufactured from high grade steel treated with a passive resistance to salt water corrosion and finished in a wide range of durable powder coated finishes Wave offers the user complete flexibility in style, choice and finish. Also available in 400 litre capacity.

Dimensions: H:800, W:900, D:500mm
Capacity: 2 x 100 litres (sack retention)
High Capacity: Optional (2 x 200 litres sack retention)
Filled concrete ballast: Optional
Lock: Optional
Label: Optional (WRAP for aperture and/or poster panel front and back 248 x 200 mm)
Decorative banding: Optional
Finish: Powder finish coating as standard, bespoke colours available
Additional Optional Features: Aperture Inserts