Twin Bin

Twin Bin Group     Twin Bin Group Black

The TwinBin is a dual bin for recycling multiple waste streams with the added advantage of collection within a single unit. The space-saving design and narrow footprint make it an ideal solution for pavement collection fitting the ‘Recycling on the Go’ scheme perfectly.

A choice of colour coded apertures  includes graphics for the waste stream to be collected, as standard. The aperture shapes are appropriate for collecting most commonly found street-side waste streams; cans, bottles and newspapers are popular examples. Manufactured from polyethylene for durability and robustness the Twin Bin features a large capacity of 170 litres contained within compact footprint making it ideal for busy streets where high footfall is expected

  • Ideal waste and recycling bin for public areas
  • Single unit, collecting 2 separate waste streams
  • Two 85 litre liners providing a total of 170 litre capacity
  • Enhanced double wall structure for ultimate rigidity and durability
  • Front opening design allows emptying without lifting
  • Slam shut door with 3 strong latch points
  • Panel for personalisation on door front

Dimensions: H:1161, W:1052, D:515mm
Capacity: 2 x 85 litres
Steel liner: Optional (2 x 85 litres)
Plastic liner: Standard (2 x 85 litres)
Sack Retention: N/A
Ground Fixing Kit: Optional
Anchor Plate: N/A
Stubber Plate: Standard
Ashtray: Optional
Fire extinguisher: N/A
Empty ballast cartridge: Standard
Filled concrete ballast: Optional
Lock: Standard
Mounting post: N/A
Label: Optional (WRAP for aperture and/or poster panel front and back 248 x 200 mm)
Decorative banding: Optional
Stone Finish: Optional
Additional Optional Features: Aperture Inserts