Pioneer without Banding

  • The Pioneer is a large capacity bin with excellent strength and stability provided by the double skin construction and integral ballast compartment. The Pioneer is ideally suited to highly populated urban areas such as shopping malls and airports. Double apertures providing easy ‘walk by’ access
  • Moulded aperture directs waste into the liner
  • Enhanced double wall structure for ultimate rigidity and durability
  • Dimpled surface to deter fly posters
  • Slam shut door with four point latch for extra security
  • Front opening door for easy access, no lifting required
  • Optional aperture flaps to deter ‘wildlife’ or aperture inserts to direct waste streams

Dimensions: H:1170, W:680, D:570mm
Capacity: 110 to 130 litres
Steel liner: Optional 110 litres
Plastic liner: Standard 130 litres
Ground Fixing Kit: Optional
Stubber Plate: Standard
Ashtray: Optional
Empty ballast cartridge: Standard
Filled concrete ballast: Optional
Lock: Standard
Label: Optional (front and back 248 x 200 mm)
Decorative banding: Optional
Stone Finish: Optional
Additional Optional Features: Aperture Flaps & Aperture Inserts